Zen Breeze Sea-Glass Wind Chime

Zen Breeze Sea-Glass Wind Chime

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Anchored by a piece of Driftwood that's been weathered by ocean tides, wind and sun, this Sea-Glass Wind Chime captures the light of dawn and makes a beautiful sound when the breeze blows through it. A pleasure to watch, the Beachglass Wind-Chime Sun-Catcher will look great hanging in a window, garden or beach house.

Made of Green,White and Brown Seaglass, Green represents growth, vitality, abundance and nature, White is a symbol of purity and cleanliness and earthy Brown represents comforting, supportive, stable and grounding.

We love collecting Sea Glass, Driftwood and Vintage Findings and making one-of-a-kind pieces. Every piece of Sea Glass and Driftwood we use are pieces that were hand picked by us. Using only Authentic Sea Glass & Driftwood, the strict use of Reclaimed materials embodies the essence of Recycling and Sustainability.

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