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Frosted Wedding White Sea-Glass Wreath

Frosted Wedding White Sea-Glass Wreath
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Spread the lovely spirit of Valentine in your coastal home or at your beach wedding with this Sea-glass wreath.

Wrapped inside a natural twig wreath, indigenous natural and sweet Caribbean materials like the sanddollar, nickernut, meta keyhole limpid, seabiscuit, olive, murex, auger, seaurchin, purple sea fan coral, conch shell and over 60 shards of "frosted" wedding white Sea-Glass adorn this coastal inspired wreath.

Hand-made of grapevine wispy twigs, this Eco-friendly, sweet ocean cottage chic wreath brings the beauty of nature and a seaside touch to your coastal home or beach wedding. What a unique gift for Mother's Day, weddings, housewarming, surfer or yoga friend! Or give it to your host to show how much enjoyed your stay.

Decorating with nature’s recycles shows a commitment to the environment and a love of the outdoors. Our collections are transformed into beautiful, statement pieces that are stylish everywhere from city to seaside.

Sorry, this wreath is sold.
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