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Where To Find Sea Glass

Where To Find Sea GlassSea glass originates from many sources. It may begin life as the remnant of an ancient ship wreck, a fisherman’s discard, or what's left of a long past beach party.

Whatever the source, man’s pollution is carried by the ocean’s currents and eventually arrives on some distant shore to be tumbled, ground and polished by the rocks and sand. After being smoothed and frosted, the shards of glass are handed onto the beach by nature.Sea glass can be found all over the world. Beaches of the NE United States, California, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Mexico, Nova Scotia, England, Italy, Spain and Australia offers beachcombers the best selection.

We especially enjoy sea glassing on secluded beaches and uninhabited islands where, undisturbed, we slowly search along the tide lines and pools at the water’s edge.
We have “sea glassed” many beaches over the years and eventually decided that our favorite is the "family islands" of The Bahamas. Here, there's over 800 islands. Most are uninhabited and all have pristine beaches and warm, crystal clear waters. It's an enchanting place where with a little food, drink and a small boat, one can explore, sea glass, treasure hunt and melt the days away. 
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