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What is Sea Glass?

Sea Glass is man-made glass transformed through an extraordinary natural process by the sea before being deposited on beaches throughout the world. Beginning life as a bottle, glass or tableware, nature takes something crafted by man and turns the ordinary into something remarkable. To a real lover of sea glass, it's not sea glass unless you find it yourself.

When the ocean was the world's highway, ships brimming with precious cargo plied the ocean waters and deliberately discarded glass ejecting it as jetsam to lighten the load of a ship in danger of sinking.

Discovering shipwreck glass from doomed vessels that met their fate and lay on the ocean bottom brings history alive and is a beachcomber's finest discovery of treasure.

Carried by ocean currents for thousands of miles before eventually crashing into shore rocks and reefs, these glass objects eventually wash ashore.  Broken remains are tossed, tumbled and further broken up by the waves and currents and are then ground and smoothed by sand and shells on the ocean floor. After years of tossing and tumbling by surf and sand, the pieces become polished and frosted and are eventually handed up by the sea onto the beaches as authentic "sea glass gems" - nature’s perfect recycling process from the pollution of man.

Sea glass dates from ancient times to the present. Originated far more prosaically from garbage dumped into the ocean, only glass which has been transformed and worn smooth by this natural process can truly be called Sea Glass. Thus, man's castaways are given back to nature, making the sea and the glass inseparable.

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