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Barefoot Sister FAQ's

Q: What is Sea glass?
A: Sea glass is a wonderful treasure that originates from many sources.  It may begin life as the remnant of an ancient ship wreck, a fisherman’s discard, or the remains of a long past beach party.  Whatever the source, man’s pollution is carried by the ocean’s currents to eventually arrive at some distant shore where it is tumbled, ground and polished by the reefs, rocks and sand and eventually it is handed onto the beach by nature.  A piece of glass can be in the ocean for 50 to 100 years before being brought to shore!

Q: Where do you get your sea glass?
A: I have a large amount of sea glass that I have been collecting for many years. It can be found on almost any beach. On some it is quite plentiful; on some, scarce. I do not buy any sea glass for use in my products.  Every piece is collected either personally or by a friend or family member. I do have my own favorite productive spots, and even enjoy looking for it wherever we vacation. I do buy sea glass jewelry from other artists for my personal use. It is beautiful and helps me get ideas, learn more about sea glass and network with other sea glass artists and enthusiasts all over the world.

Q: How do you determine color rarity?
A: Pure Sea Glass by Richard Lamotte has become the sea glass bible. After a little collecting, you will just know when you have found a rare piece. 

Q: How should I care for my sea glass jewelry?
A: We believe that as with all things in life, keeping it simple is the best policy. Your sea glass needs no particular attention, but any silver on jewelry will naturally tarnish. Tarnishing can be minimized by keeping your jewelry on a small, airtight zip lock bag. Be sure to force the air out before zipping. This minimizes the exposure to air and humidity and slows the tarnishing process. When you silver does become dull it is easily brightened by using a silver polishing cloth which you can buy most anywhere. Take care not to drop your jewelry on a hard surface when cleaning.  It is glass after all, and is subject to breaking or chipping.
Q: What other products does Barefoot Sister make?
A: Barefoot Sister makes a variety of treasured finds for anyone who loves the sea and the beach, and we are constantly on the lookout for new and different products These include sea glass and sea bean jewelry and belts, straw purses, holiday items, sea glass mobiles and other home decorations tumbled smooth by ocean waves that are ideal for interiors.
Q: Are your shells, urchins, sand dollars and sea biscuits alive when they are taken?
A: No, our shells are collected by us from many beaches and we use only "abandoned" shells and never harm live animals for the materials used in our products.

Q: Do you do Weddings?
A: We to do sea glass wedding jewelry. We can match specific wedding colors for both the bride and the wedding party and would be happy to make your sea glass wedding dreams come true!
Q: Do you have a retail shop?
A: We sell through coastal gift shops near beaches in Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  However, our website is the best place to shop for the largest selection and most current authentic sea glass and sea bean unique gift ideas that we offer.

Q: Why should I be a registered customer?
A: Registered customers have the advantage of receiving special promotion notices that we offer to our customers only. It also helps you track your orders.
What is Sea glass?
Where do you get your sea glass?
How do you determine color rarity?
How should I care for my sea glass jewelry?
What other products does Barefoot Sister make?
Where do the Seashells Come From?
Do you do Weddings?
Do you have a retail shop?
Why should I be a registered customer?
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