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Sea-Glass Crafts

Do you love decorating with natural materials especially something found at the beach?  I’m always looking for ways that I can take "treasures from the sea" and make home décor art out of them. It's a simple way to give any room in your home coastal charm. Sea-glass or "beach-glass" is ideal for making gifts for others too. You'd be amazed at how attractive sea-glass crafts can be and people love to get them because they make such unique presents. They're the perfect accessory to any beach house, cottage, or beachy wedding too!

As we scour the beaches, we often come upon pieces of weathered driftwood, sea-glass, sea-beans, wine corks and shells in all shapes and sizes. Sea-glass products bring the ocean into your home so why not combine the simple beauty of sea-polished pieces of sea-glass, sea-beans, shells, driftwood, fishing net pieces, sea fans, whatever and put them on display by making this one-of-a-kind hanging sea theme wreath creation?

Tools and Materials:
  • Purchase or make your own Grapevine Wreath
  • Sea-Glass
  • Pieces of Driftwood
  • Sea Fan
  • Sea Urchins
  • Sand Dollars
  • Wine corks
  • Beach Finds
  • Clear E6000 Glue sold at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Amazon
How to:
1. Cover your work surface with an old white sheet and place the grapevine wreath on it.
2. Tuck driftwood into the wreath at the top and bottom.
3. Glue the sea glass and shells on using the bigger pieces first and build it from there. Make sure the shells are going in different directions and be sure to fill in all of the spaces. It’s very easy, just time consuming!
4. Let the wreath lay flat for several hours so that the glue dries completely.
5. Make sure that you have a good anchor that can suspend the wreath without any concerns. I used a piece of old fabric from my stash for the tie. I wanted this to look rustic, nautical and laid-back coastal, so I just ripped it up so that the edges were frayed. 

This wreath that I made was inspired by the clear waters of the Caribbean Islands from my personal beach finds. Natural, organic and colorful, this wreath features dozens of shards of authentic beachcombed and unaltered Sea-Glass in rare cobalt blue, chocolate brown and frosty white. From the ocean blue are sea heart sea-beans, hamburger & sea purse sea-beans, bay beans, sand dollars, sea urchins, Atlantic thorny oysters, a conch shell, an olive shell, lucines, cockles, murex shells, a reticulate and a cowrie-helmut shell. A beachcombed wine cork and natural driftwood are also tucked inside to complete the nautical look.

Keep those fun-in-the-sun memories alive!
See you beach gals later...

Barefoot Sister | 1/25/2013 11:09:47 AM | 0 comments
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