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Pink Seaglass Ring

Natural Sea Glass and Organic or Green Materials

Natural Sea Glass JewelryGreen Living, Beach Style!

Eco chic, our earth friendly and environmentally conscious organic jewelry is recycling at its most fashionable.

Made from genuine sea glass, sea beans and pottery shards worn by the ocean’s sand, rocks and coral, our sea treasures are the ultimate in green living. Naturally created, stylish and beautiful so you can do the planet good and look great while you're doing it! And it's a wonderful eco-friendly way to wear your beach inspired treasures.

So, when you're checking out the season's latest jewelry and home accessories, consider the manufacturing processes and materials used to make the product. Feel responsible and look great when you shop for items made from natural, recycled or organic materials.
Barefoot Sister, your eco friendly beach shop, is proof you can be eco chic and planet-friendly simultaneously. We never stray from our commitment to the dreams of those whose lives are inspired by the waves, the sea and the preservation of the environment.

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