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About Barefoot Sister Sea Glass Jewelry

Barefoot Sister Sea Glass JewelryBy nature I’m a wanderer; a traveler. I've always been driven to find new places and see new things. It seems no matter where I'm at, whether it's traveling or living in the US, Europe or the Caribbean, I'm always drawn to the sea.

Growing up near the beach in S Jersey near Philly, I spent childhood summers in Cape May with my BFFor at my Mom’s favorite beach, Margate, where Lucy the elephant guards the beach. Perhaps these happy memories etched me forever because somewhere along the way, in one of my beach explorations, I found my first piece of sea glass and I was hooked.

Every shore has its own charm, character and culture. Having beachcombed many interesting and wonderful beaches of our own great country, I've added the beaches of Spain, Italy, France and Greece to my experiences...finding treasures that would delight any energetic beach walker. In Central America, I have rambled along the shores of Costa Rica, Panama and Belize. Eventually, I arrived on the beaches of the Caribbean and was instantly in love with the soft, pink coral sands and the warm crystal clear water. Along the way, I discovered and fell in love with the out islands of the Bahamas, known as the “Family Islands” where my husband and I eventually built our getaway cottage, Sea Bean Cottage on Elbow Cay.

Opportunities come and go and life ebbs and flows. But I believe that we always return to the things we are most passionate about. My life adventures have taken me many, many thousands of miles only to bring me in a great circle to where I am today; to a group of tiny islands only a short hop by small plane from Florida's east coast. For this, I am so thankful. But as they say, half the fun is in getting there.
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