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Authentic Seaglass & Seabean Home Decor and Other Island Tings

Like the cycles of the tide, Barefoot Sister, a chic boutique for Island Tings, is constantly looking for meaningful products that are given to us from the generous hands of nature to adorn our bodies and decorate our homes. Creating simple, yet tasteful, designs from nature to make your life beautiful is our specialty. The possibilities are endless.

Our name inspires a lifestyle…Barefoot Sister. It all began with a walk along a deserted shoreline on a remote island in the Caribbean where a beautifully tumbled piece of seaglass and a lucky seabean were left for us by the tides. These treasures were destined to become meaningful and unique pieces. Having spent their life in the sea, anyone who has these treasures will feel the element of magic and healing effect that they will have on your soul.

Effortlessly Eco chic and environmentally conscious, our products are all made from seaglass, seabeans and natural treasures produced by sea action. It's our way of walking through life without leaving a footprint and living green, beach style. Promoting awareness and appreciation for the environment, our products always give rather than take from the environment.

From the beginning of time, a gift from the sea has special meaning whether given to a friend or loved one for a special occasion or to simply reward yourself to celebrate just being you. Whatever the purpose, we hope you enjoy our Barefoot Sister Sea Treasures as much as we enjoy creating them.

Featured Products

Goin Green 19 piece Nautical-Inspired Sea-Glass Anklet
Hand-picked Driftwood Wreath
Lime Green Seaglass Ring
Naturalist Rain Forest Seabean & Seaglass Bracelet
Ocean-Smoothed Brown Seaglass Bottle Lip & Driftwood Ornament
Peace and Harmony Wind Chime
Sterling Silver Bird's Nest Seaglass Ring
Velvety Moss Liken Branch, Wheat, Natural Pine Cone & Acorn Wreath
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